Development, planning and implementation throughout Switzerland.


As an experienced agency for brand experiences, we have maintained a successful collaboration with JBL for many years. Our team consists of 11 experience consultants (sales staff) and 2 merchandisers who work throughout Switzerland.

Bluetooth audio and TWS headphones as focus products

Our offer:

  • Planning and implementation of regular sales promotion activities in selected stores
  • Organization of several events per year

With a particular focus on Bluetooth speakers and TWS headphones, we have been able to maintain a high level of POS availability in over 350 stores in Switzerland. We also plan to expand into the gaming space in the future. Thanks to our team of experts, we have significantly increased JBL's focus products.

We are proud to be involved with JBL and continue to make continuous efforts to ensure that our partnership is successful. Our years of experience and deep understanding of the industry allow us to market and sell JBL products in a first-class manner.

We look forward to continuing to play an important role in the presentation and marketing of JBL products in Switzerland.

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