Artificial intelligence in sales promotions?!

Artificial intelligence in sales promotions?!


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Artificial intelligence in sales promotions?!

By : Nicolas Purpura ,


At the latest with OpenAI's ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has arrived in our everyday lives. But how could AI support us in sales promotions? We thought about it and found an exciting approach.

This project started as a goofy idea during an internal workshop to improve the Promoter Reporting process. But it quickly evolved into a small (pet) side project that we've worked on on occasion and is now ready for production.

Our own small AI model makes it possible to simplify the promoters' sales reports and save time and effort by automatically connecting them to their customer dashboard. All our promoters have to do is take a picture of the store's sales report and our AI does the rest. Not only does it read in all the sales figures and times, but it also reliably categorizes the products by product category, such as cameras, Bluetooth speakers, laptops, smartphones or televisions.

But we help not only our customers, but also our field promoters

We are always happy when our customers get involved and suggest ideas that we can think about together. With a bit of luck, such great projects and success stories emerge from this. And the best thing about it: as soon as we have extensively tested and introduced such innovations, it is immediately accessible to all our partners! Let's see what bizarre ideas we come up with at the next workshop...

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