Development, planning and implementation throughout Switzerland.


Our long-term partnership with ASUS, a well-known brand in the field of consumer electronics, is a success thanks to the close cooperation with our experienced agency team. Our 2 merchandisers cover the whole of Switzerland, one focusing on the French speaking part and the other on the German speaking part.

Our focus is:

  • The image of ASUS in the various channels by means of support and maintenance of POS displays
  • Monitoring of product availability
  • To optimize a relgemässig CRM

Our experience and deep understanding of the market allow us to effectively sell and present ASUS products.

We are honored to be part of the ASUS team and we are committed to successfully maintaining our long-standing partnership.

Our experienced merchandisers ensure that ASUS products are presented to a high standard in retail stores in both regions, French and German, and that availability is maintained.

We are enthusiastically committed to continuing to play an active role in the presentation and marketing of ASUS products in Switzerland.

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